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Marna R. Winbush -President 901–480–3173

Glenda Campbell-Chairperson & Secretary 414–312–8697

Zelodius Morton- Many Faces of Grief 414–748–5433

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Dear Neighbors and Friends:

Mothers Against Gun Violence (MAGV) is an organization in this community trying to help stop the violence. We have an annual block party to bring the community together with food, activities, music and guest speakers. We work together with elected city officials, others organizations and have created a website in honor of all the homicides in this city and county of Milwaukee.
Our Sons were Killed in 2003.

We attend prayer vigils and do others things with partnerships such as Campaign Against Violence, WAVE and many other organizations. We help grieving families and children deal with social problems in school and at home. There is counseling and support offered to those in need. We are self supporting, in need of food, drinks, paper plates, plastics ware, games, supplies and things ideas for this great event. We need your talent, sponsorship, singing, poetry, music, dancing and reading of GODs Word, lets have clean FUN.


Beverly Anderson (Carl Hall), Debra Fifer (Kirk Bickham Jr.), Marna Winbush (DeShaun Henry Winbush)

Milwaukee City Homicide Victims:

189 in 2016; 162 in 2015 103 in 2014; 116 in 2013; 107 in 2012; 99 in 2011; 93 in 2010; 87 in 2009; 79 in 2008; 124 in 2007; 130 in 2006; 137 in 2005; 103 in 2004; 123 in 2003; 128 in 2002; 118 in 2001; 135 in 2000; 132 in 1999

For Our Loving Sons, September 24, 2003

“We’re The Ones You Have Been Waiting For”

Kirk Bickham Jr.

Carl Hall

DeShaun Winbush

Hi! We three mothers give praise to Alpha & Omega, the beginning and the end. “Mothers Against Gun Violence” was started when we lost our three sons in a triple homicide on the streets of Milwaukee, in front of the Elvins Ice House Tarven. It started on the inside and ended up on the outside. It was stated that Jaki Marion started a scene inside Elvins Ice House. He called home for his brother to bring a gun, and sat in the tavern over an hour before shooting our three sons outside the tavern. The gun he used was purchased from an individual, rather than a store, which under present gun laws in Wisconsin meant that he did not have to undergo any background check. If Elvins Ice House had had their metal detector on, it would have detected the gun and our sons would be alive today. Also, since DeShaun Winbush was underage, even a simple check of an ID would have prevented the killings.

So we three mothers are trying to get the communities to come together and stop the violence. We cry out for our brothers and sisters. We must take care of one another. Go back to our old landmark and help raise our children. The violence in our community must come to a stop. Dont let those who have fought before us, the deaths of our loved ones through suicide, homicide, and drunk driving, be in vain.

Marna Winbush

Hopefully with the Responsible Gun Ownership Bill (see below for details), which is being submitted to the legislature, we can track all weapons. We are not trying to take guns away from individuals, but just trying to make everyone responsible for gun ownership. We all can lose a loved one. Let us try to prevent this from happening to any more families. Please support us and join in our efforts to stop the VIOLENCE.

Founders: Beverly Anderson, Debra L. Fifer and Marna Winbush
Secretary: Glenda Campbell

For more information, contact

Progress Report: The Responsible Gun Ownership Bill

Senate Bill 104 (SB 104) By Sen. Spencer Coggs
Sept. 17, 2007

As you may know, most work on legislation in Madison, including Senate Bill 104 (SB 104), the Responsible Gun Ownership Bill, gets put on “hold” until the state budget is passed. Unfortunately, the budget has been stalled for nearly seven weeks with only minor movement in negotiations. That has given Wisconsin the dubious distinction of being the only state in the country without a finished budget.

However, there is some good news. I am happy to report that SB 104 has won the support of Gov. Doyle, who recently unveiled it with his Milwaukee anti-crime initiative. In addition, SB 104 has been endorsed by Mayor Tom Barrett. These are important developments, and we thank these leaders for their support.

While there is some good news regarding the bill, I regret to inform you that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke recently blasted Gov. Doyle in personal terms and disparaged the Governors anti-crime package, which includes SB 104. Clarkes condemnation came in a statement supporting Ald. Bob Donovan, who issued a press release.

Among other wild and unfounded accusations, Ald. Donovan accused the African-American community of ignoring problems of violence. These wild, emotional and baseless outbursts do nothing more than divide the community against itself. We need to work as a team.

I believe it would be best if Ald. Donovan focused his frustration on the real problem: crime.
Regarding Sheriff Clarke, I simply would remind him that he is the chief law enforcement officer of the county. Perhaps he should direct his energy to the job given to him by voters. No one individual can solve this problem - no matter how much grandstanding and chest-pounding he does in public.

My hope is that Sheriff Clarkes rash and reckless statements will not hamper the bill. The path is already difficult enough. Nevertheless, we will work hard to minimize the damage and hope that these elected leaders stop playing the blame game.

As my Uncle Isaac Coggs used to say, people who point fingers should always remember . . . there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Sen. Spencer Coggs
Office: 608–266–2500
Email: [email protected]

Victory Over Violence

March & Rally July 14, 2007 Milwaukee, WI)

To view a slide show just click above and on slideshow. We hope to add music and improved on the slideshow soon.

Update on Responsible Gun Ownership Bill# SB104

The Responsible Gun Bill has finally had a public hearing. It now goes back to the Committee on Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs. It now needs three votes of the committee members to pass the bill on to the Senate Floor. Please call, write or email the five members of the committee to urge them to vote for Senate Bill #104 so it came be heard by the full committee. Slowing down the illegal gun trade is not or a Repulican or Democratic issue. Urge them to support the bill. They are:
Senator Spencer Coggs, Chairman Senator Robert Wirch, Vice Chair
Senator John Lehman, Senator Glenn Grothman,
Senator Alan Lasse,
Just click on thier name to find out more informaton of these five men.

Also a call of support to your own State Senator and Representative would help in this struggle to require background check for all transfers of handguns in Wisconsin. If you do not know who your representative is you can find that information at this site: Who are my legislatures?

Images from Public Hearing May 29, 2007 on The Responsible Gun Bill

SENATE BILL SB104 The Responsible Gun Ownership Bill

by BEVERLY ANDERSON Co-founder of Mothers Against Gun Violence

Beverly Anderson

After many Town Hall Meetings, Press Releases, Open Forums, etc. we have finally reached the point of getting agreement on the above Bill in an attempt to resolve some open issues with Gun Ownership.

Our Bill is being misinterpreted as an attempt to interfere with the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of these great United States of America as it relates to The Right of the People to Bear Arms.

A person with reasonable intelligence could read the Constitution that was ratified by the 13 original Colonies in 1776. Afterwards, review all of the Amendments that were added to rectify errors, omissions and discriminatory Amendments in the original Constitution. Several come immediately to mind. 1) People other than Property Owners have a right to vote. 2) Women were given the right to vote. 3) Blacks were given the right to Vote. 4) Poll Taxes and other restrictions to voting were declared illegal which resulted in eliminating the various road blocks that previously did not allow Black People to vote.

As progress was made and new inventions of all types of hand guns, Rifles, Shot Guns, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles and other inventions of these Weapons of Mass Destruction some of us, specifically the Gun Manufacturers, The NRA and other supporters of the 2nd Amendment, have not progressed in their thinking since 1776.

Our Bill is intended solely to close the loopholes in the current laws related to the purchase of handguns. Regardless if sold by a Licensed Dealer, Sales at Gun Shows or sales/transfers by Private Citizens, the Seller should request and receive information from an official background check on the person he/she intends to sell/transfer the handgun.

Ive often relayed, in different forums and meetings, that if Mr. Jaki Marion had the only gun that was invented in 1776, The Musket, there is no way he would have been able to kill our three sons in less than a minute. First, he would not have been able to hide the Musket and have it in the Tavern. Secondly, he would not have been able to kill all of them because each time he shot the Musket, he would have had to reload it. By the time he stopped to reload, our other two sons would have had the opportunity to take the Musket from him and beat the living daylights out of him with his own Musket.

Finally, if the Gun Manufacturers, NRA Members and All Supporters of the Right to Bear Arms do not care if Felons, Persons with Mental Disease, Persons under the age of 21 and any others currently prohibited from owning guns if an official Background Check is performed, can purchase/own guns, why dont you come right out and say so and stop hiding behind the 2nd Amendment? The bullets used to kill our sons were Hollow Points. When they entered our sons head, the impact was such that my son, Carl Hall, brains were shot in half. Half of his brains were in the front of his skull and half in the back. At the hospital, there were two entry levels trying to keep the blood in his body but to no success. I had the Hospital discontinue attempts to keep him alive after 12 hours. The Good side is that five people are alive today due to the donations of his vital organs, Heart, Lungs and Kidneys.

Mothers Against Gun Violence are requesting that All Responsible Citizens of Wisconsin get behind us and support the passage of this Bill. Write your Senators and Assembly Members expressing your support for this Bill.

Lets Stop The Hand Gun Violence.

For More Informaton See Responsible Gun Ownership Bill


Camp Hope, May 2006

2006 MAGV Block Party
for all victims of homicide

Madison exhibit, 2006

Award presented to Jeanennt Wright-Clau for the art exhibit in 2005 and 2006.


Bill number: 2007–08 Legislative Session, Senate Bill #(SB)−104
Introduced: March 21, 2007 by Senators Coggs and Lehman, cosponsored by Representatives Young, Grigsby, Sinicki, A. Williams, Zepnick, Fields, Staskunas, Berceau, Turner and Toles.
Status: Public Hearing May 29th, 3–7pm at DNR building at 2300 N. Martin Luther King Drive

The Responsible Gun Ownership Bill Senate Bill (SB)−148 and Assembly Bill (AB)−288 came to be drafted after 3 young men were killed by gun violence in Milwaukee County on September 24, 2003. Their mothers obtained a copy of the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm report on the gun used to kill their sons. It appeared that the registered owner sold his gun to a felon. The felon used the gun to kill their sons. The mothers discovered that private citizen gun sales do not require criminal background checks in Wisconsin. The mothers believe that this loophole in the law has created access for felons and children to obtain guns unlawfully.

Angel placed at scene of homicide

The Responsible Gun Ownership Bill will mandate a firearms restrictions background check for private citizen gun sales. This Bill will aid in reducing felons’ and childrens access to guns. There will be a state wide hearing on this bill in Milwaukee on May 29th. For a copy of the bill and what you can do about this issue see The Responsible Gun Ownership Bill.

In Loving Memory of Tyrone Lacy Donation Request

Tyrone Lacy of Suisun City in Fairfield, California died as a result of a shooting at a Fairfield bar and grill on April 11, 2012. He was found at the scene of a double shooting in the parking lot of Perk’s Place Bar & Grill in the 600 block of Parker Road. Gunfire erupted that evening after a fight inside the establishment spilled out to the parking lot. He was a father of 2 sons who are in need of your support. The family is asking for donations to help with funeral arrangements and expenses for the family. If you would like to help please send any donations to a very close family friend for further information please contact Apryl Love Alcaraz phone number 530–304–6257.

THE Mayor

A Call for Action to Fight Crime and Reduce Violence Dear Friends: Warm weather typically brings an increase in violent crime, and I believe it is critical that we act early and aggressively to provide law enforcement with the tools they need to keep Milwaukee neighborhoods safe. Many of these tools require the approval of the State Legislature, and the time to act is now before summer arrives. We need tougher consequences for felons and others who think little of using, carrying or selling illegal guns to terrorize our residents; we need specific legislation to deal with illegal guns; and we need appropriate resources so law enforcement has the manpower and technology it needs to crack down on illegal guns and the criminals who use them. Specifically Chief Flynn, District Attorney Chisholm and I believe the State Legislature must adopt legislation that will address the following: Minimum Mandatory sentences for felons and individuals with prior criminal records in possession of a weapon. Tougher sentences for crimes committed with firearms. Mandatory background checks on all sales of handguns. Adoption of micro-stamping technology legislation. Funding for Community Prosecutors, Drug Prosecutors and Violent Crime Prosecutors in the Milwaukee County District Attorneys Office. Direct the 911 emergency surcharge collected within the City of Milwaukee to help pay for police, firefighters and paramedics in the City of Milwaukee. The Legislature has convened Special Sessions to address the state budget and the Great Lakes Compact. I believe fighting crime and reducing violence in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin are equally worthy of a Special Session. Gov. Doyle has been an ally in the mission to keep Milwaukee safe, and I know he shares my strong belief that gun violence must not be tolerated. Gang members, felons and other criminals who choose to commit violent crime in Milwaukee must face serious consequences for their reckless acts. Its time to toughen the message, enforce stiff penalties and fund the prosecutors and police needed to put away the bad guys. The time to act is now, and I ask the State Legislature to provide the tools to make Milwaukee safer. Sincerely, Mayor, City of Milwaukee Visit my website at:

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