Sketching Out The First Thoussand Worm Mon Shows

The Worm Mon Show has many faces,
Aiming to cultivate “heroes with a thousand faces,”
starting with children, rich soil, red wriggler worms,
and other “actors” in life’s drama, e.g. bugs, air, sun, rain, tools, etc.

The Worm Mon Show has an underlying
emancipatory and participatory philosophy.

It hopes to inspire all of God’s children to
become eco-literate, to become fine
sons and daughters of Mother Earth,
starting with an encounter with
sacred soil and the myriad creatures
which make for growing power, proof that
diversity is strength, in the realm of nature
and realm of humanity, joined in life’s
miraculous and mysteries embrace.

Mother Nature fills the dreams of worm mon
with the notion that we can create much more
of our history than we think, that we need not be
victims but rather co-creators of brighter days.

Worm Mon Shows aim to inspire attention to
nature’s ways, but also to foster human cultures
more thoughtful and gracefully following the
pattern language of life.

One Worm Mon may know a little bit about a lot,
but many connected worm mon(a gender and age free
concept that can be singular or plural) can learn a lot
about partnering with many, who know a lot about
their domain of knowledge and practice.

Words are power and the Worm Mon show aims
to inspire not just a love of worms, for what they do
and for what they stand for, but also a love of words,
so humanity can learn to “give voice” and express ourselves.

Worm Mon Show participants gather in circles and are helped
to shake hands with good energy while looking directly
into the eyes of one another, and to introduce themselves to the larger
group while learning how to use a microphone or amplifying voice
and speaking clearly, distinctly, with less and less nervousness
with practice. New neural pathways from hands-on experience,
with worms, soil, and one another!

So at the outset of every Worm Mon Show the audience participants
are introduced to the notion that the show is an evolving process,
that they are co-creators of Worm Mon Shows, that the distinction
between performers and audience will be progressively narrowed,
that one Worm Mon does not know all that much, but that a
myriad of worm mon, especially internet empowered, can discover
answers to many vexing questions and establish on-going conversations,
on line and at ensuing Worm Mon Shows(which might take place
during garden blitzes, work parties, edible playground constructions).

Worm Mon Saving the Planet Through the Forces of Nature

The “Worm Mon Show” is a work in progress organized around the broad theme “From Wastes to Resources…for Ourselves, Our Grandchildren, and for Mother Nature.”

Everyone As Worm Mon “Someday Auditions”

Boys and Girls
Men and Women
Young and Old
And Luxuriant Variations Thereof…

Are encouraged and hopefully inspired,
To become a

Worm Mon!

Many grade school children exult “how adorable” are their red wrigglers,
After moving beyond their initial squeamishness into sheer delight
With these miraculous creatures, now their, our, friends!

Increasingly important partners in our lives,
Transforming our wastes into precious resource,
i.e. Mother Nature’s finest growing medium,
the source of fresh fruit and vegetables that can change one’s life,
quite a bit for the better, e.g. lose weight, calm nerves, build endurance…
Taste great food while fully enjoying one’s friends and family!

Worm Mon is not just the person organizing and presenting the Show. The audience too are participants in this theatrical, co-instructional production. It is hoped that some in the audience will become Worm Mon Apprentices. It is also to be anticipated that filmed worm mon shows will become instructional materials for vermicomposting and urban agriculture, that pieces of the “Show” will be incorporated into the Worm Mon Show: A Morality Play in 3 Acts, that is under construction, with the support that arrives from each Worm Mon Show.

Many audience members will know much more than the presiding “worm mon”: about soil, worms and soil partners, weeds and plants, urban agriculture and ecology in general. And they are encouraged, exorted(!), to share their knowledge. Worm Mon are never proud. Trained to increasing humility, like, learning from, the worms!

All are invited to join in the evolution of the Show, some merely by sharing their new found gardening and soil nourishing information, others by rolling up their sleeves(especially the children), and

  • sifting through fresh compost in search of 12 worms for every pot

  • layering veggie and fruit residuals with leaves and wood chips to start a compost pile

  • separating the worm “offerings,” i.e. castings, from their home in compost and decomposing wood chips” and mixing this “black gold” with ground coconut shells, i.e. coir, to form the topping soil for potted plant arugula gardening

  • filling 6 inch pots with 4 inches of compost, 2 inches of casting/coir topping mix, planting

4 arugula seeds, and watering the same

  • sharing in conversations about the best “worm spa and hotel” for winter basement projects

Worm Mon Philosophical Musings

Worm Mon Shows involve mixing mental with manual labor. While working with the compost soil, the worms, wood chips, coconut shell coir, and other soil partners, and
feeling the soil, breathing in the sweet aroma of the black gold(like rain forest soil),

young and old quite often exchange stories and ideas the work inspires. All are encouraged to share visions of small, everyday chores worthy as they help us grow
food and have fun adding nutrient value to the beauty of our growing plants and flowers.


  • cooperative projects for money, self-reliance, and community building, in backyard and front yard gardens, neighborhood community gardening, edible playgrounds, gardening at spiritual communities, elder care, and special needs habitats

  • healthy daily chores, routines, and projects for more graceful and energetic days, e.g. starting your own mini-urban farm

  • new careers in urban agriculture and aquaponics, in Milwaukee and well beyond our borders, including projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South/Central America

  • reaching across the fence and beyond our neighborhood exchange, e.g. sister neighborhoods, connecting North and South, East and West self-reliance and community building projects, commercial and volunteer co-op making

to be continued

Worm Mon Arugula Mon Show Basics

The Worm Mon Show hopes to inspire a blossoming of “worm mon” through Milwaukee and the world beyond. You don’t have to be a man or an adult to be a worm mon! A worm mon can refer to one or many persons.

Worm Mon are distinguished by five basic themes.

  • Deeply love Mother Nature
  • Learning Mother Nature’s secrets and mysteries
  • Greatly loved by Mother Nature
  • Becoming Mother Nature’s eyes, ears, hands, and hearts
  • Mediating between human earthlings and Mother Nature

Worm Mon explore the notion that the Earth is a single organism especially favored by Mother Nature who delights in human earthlings poignant hearts and brilliant minds, the omega point of consciousness, Mother Nature’s mirror, eyes, and ears.

The Worm Mon show not only aspires to present a sensibility of hope and steadfast commitment to advancing evolution, but also to provide some practical insights and skills into Mother Nature’s life cycles, especially those pertaining to transforming urban waste streams into healthy, tasty food.

Here are some practical Worm Mon show goals.

Goal One. Introduction to Composting

Five gallon bucket of carbon ingredients, e.g. wood chips, leaves, lawn clippings, and five gallong bucket of nitrogen ingredients, e.g. egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable left-overs or wastes place on north side of 20 by 20 ft. tarp and discussed.

Goal Two. Introduction to Vermicomposting

One third to one half yard of fairly finished compost with several hundred worms doing their work placed in the center of the tarp(if numbers less than 10) or along the east or west sides of the tarps. Explanation of how worms digesting compost gives rise to world’s finest natural fertilizer, i.e. black gold or worm castings. Introduction of worms to the student workers(SW) aiming to inspire appreciation, respect, and curiosity of touching or holding them.

Goal Three. Introduction to Potting Plants, W. Focus on Arugula

Participants are each given a 6 inch pot and asked to fill the pot half full of compost with two worms each. Young and old delight in getting hands in the loamy, sweet smelling compost and prospecting for red wriggler worms.

When pots are completed, SW asked to fill up to an inch or two below the top rim.
They are then shown how to sift black gold from a pile of nearly finished compost the worms have worked on for at least 6 months. Black gold separated and then mixed with either a coconut fiber or peat moss mix(this provides necessary aeration and moisture retention. This “topping mix” is then used to finish the pots, now ready either for an arugula seed or seedling. If conditions allow, pots then gently watered.

Goal Four. Introduction to Permaculture Principles.

Permaculture theory is vast and intricate, so Worm Mon Arugula Mon(WMAM)is happy to introduce very basic and simple starter concepts. In initial shows, an effort has been made to offer opportunities for as much participation and “co-creation” of the show as possible. SW, for example, are often asked to help empty the little red pick up truck and organize the materials, as well as break down the show and re-fill the truck. “From wastes to resources” is the montra of the Sweet Water Foundation , as well as a key permaculture concept. Wastes is broadly defined to even include age and gender discrimination subtleties. SW, for example, are emphatically urged to focus intensely on the notion that you don’t have to be a man to become a Worm Mon or Arugula Mon. Worm and/or arugula mon can be young and old, male and female, and so forth.

To be continued.

Worm Mon: A Morality Play in Three Acts for Schools and Senior Center

Setting. A 2015 blue plastic tarp with 25 gallons of dark, moist compost teeming with worms and other soil partners (Bug Mon can explain) in the center. Three children from 5 to 7 years old are shrieking with delight as they search the pile for worms to place 2 to a pot they have already half filled. A sifter atop a 23×2 plastic bin is half filled with a mixture of worm castings, wood chips, and worms to be separated by the children. A brick of ground coconut shell called coyer rests next to a pile of worm castings and a few dozen 6 inch pots. At the far end of the tarp is a pile of wood chips, leaves, and dried grass clippings next to a pile of coffee grounds and fruit and veggie wastes in a 5 gallon bucket. Bob Marleys Dont You Worry is playing in the background. On the walls are projected images of micro-organisms in all of their glory feasting on nutrients in the water, compliments of a few thousand yellow perch being prepared for re-entry into Wisconsin waters.

Mother Earth. Father Sky! Wake up! The human race is running amok!

Father Sun. Amok? Might you be over-reacting my sweet one?

Mother Earth. Yeah right! (Emphatically bobbing her head). You may burn brightly but God dwells in the details. Listen to the testimony of other earthlings.

Rain Forest.

Ice Caps.



Add your role and script.

Why not?

Worm Mon Olde

P.S. Please make your characters evoke images/thoughts with fewest possible words in deference to our youthful audience and information saturated adults

Some of it will simply be written for performance by others
elsewhere. Some of it will be written based on the actual
practice of the Worm Mon Shows. And some of it will become,
God willing, part of a traveling Theatre Troupe.

It is possible that some of the players will be virtually present
for their lines, beamed on the walls of the Tulip Building through
the miracle of internet communications.

Send me an e-mail if you would like to help develop a production
for your favorite place or audition for the roll of:

Worm Mon
Weed Mon
Bug Mon
Plant Mon
Business Mon
Art Mon
Peddler Mon
Barker Mon
and more!

And see what fun good times we can have!

[email protected]

Worm Mon Simulations

The creators of Worm Mon hope to team up with digital wizzerds, i.e. Digital Mon, and produce on-line simulations that re-inforce the hands on learning experience involved in the Worm Mon Show and the at-home and/or community garden practice the shows are intended to stimulate. The Worm Mon “Simulation Game,” i.e. Worm Mon Sim Game, will have as its goal the transformation of urban food deserts into vibrant urban villages blessed with abundant food sources in home mini farms, community gardens, aquaponic fish vegetable installations, and Sweet Water type Guild Halls, commercial aquaponic systems, and agora/theatre facilities.

Students will play the game in a variety of roles, e.g. worm mon, compost mon, carpenter mon, plumbing mon, plant mon, etc. They will be given information bits
pertaining to each of these roles, e.g. worm mon mix carbon residues like leaves and wood chips with nitrogen residues like coffee grounds, banana peels, and egg shells.
When they successfully master certain bits of information, their “Urban Village” acquires a new resource, e.g. a grocery store agrees to provide 5 gallon buckets of fruit and veggie wastes to the community compost pile. They will also be given “Mother Nature Rules” to learn, e.g. after rains find worms on sidewalks, carefully pick them up and place them in a nearby garden. Their urban village blossoms as they acquire and demonsrate new understandings and important facts. There will be extra rewards on occasions when students master cooperative challenges, e.g. setting up a neighborhood newsletter to share news about barter opportunities.

Some of the simulation trials will be looking for dialogue that will enhance the evolving Worm Mon Morality Play dialogue with fresh voices from the young and the old.

First Audition Invite

At the Sunday Noon and the Wednesday evening 6 p.m. Sweet Water Tours,
I am hoping to brainstorm the development of a traveling Worm Mon Theatre Troupe
for schools, senior centers, and community events.

Remember that “Mon” is age and gender neutral. Young and old, male and female,
can play the role of worm mon, on stage and, even better, in life.

Don’t you worry, ‘bout a thing.
Every little thing, is gonna be all right.

Here are some of the performing roles we might develop:

  • Worm Mon
  • Bug Mon
  • Weed Mon
  • Plant Mon
  • Worker Mon
  • Barker Mon
  • Business Mon
  • Peddler Mon

Spread the word Mon!

Old Worm Mon
Eye on the prize of young worm mons


We had a great local pioneer in this, Mary Appelhof, who wrote an early book “Worms Eat My Garbage” (grade 5 and up). They offer lots of educational materials as well as equipment. See:

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