An Urban Manifesto

Peg Fleury’s Outpost “Exchange” Article

Best Ever Description of “Milwaukee Renaissance”

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Masks Amok

Made In Milwaukee
Cottage Industry
Mask Mobilization Experiment

Sweet Water Academy

Olde City Restoration Guild

Grace Lee Boggs

Grace Lee Boggs, Philosopher/Activist of Cities of Hope

Mothers Against Gun Violence

Peace of Mind

Rebirth of Freedom

Godsil’s Sweet Water Stories

James Godsil

Sweet Water Foundation

On Line Interviews

Jacob Hey
Dasha Kelly
Sura Faraj
Tim HuthFounder of Living Off the Fat of the Land, Organic Farm Now Serving Beans and Barley’s Produce Needs
Erik LindbergCommunity Building and Restoration, Community Growers
Dave LuhrssenArts and Entertainment Editor, “Shepherd Express”
Andre Lee Ellis Theater With a Surviving Mind
Debbie Metke Impeachment Group and World Citizens—Milwaukee
Harvey Taylor Milwaukee Poet
Ken Leinbach Executive Director, Urban Ecology Center
Martha Davis Kipcak of the KITCHEN TABLE PROJECT, Slow Food Wisconsin Southeast, and the Milwaukee Food Council
Barbara Bell, Keeper/Trainer of the Bonobos of Milwaukee County Zoo
Megan Godsil Jeyifo?, Daughter of Riverwest Leaving Bay Area for Chicago!
Howard Hinterthuer, “Happy Green Warrior” of Ozaukee County
Ann Brummitt, Coordinator Milwaukee River Work Group(MRWG)
Patricia Obletz, Shrinking the Cancer of Stigma


Soldiers Home

Early Sweet Water Story

Sweet Water: Sweet Water Organics, Sweet Water Foundation

Organic City Pathways

Godsil Report on Sweet Water India Initiative

Community Roofing & Restoration

Joshua Fraundorf, Hands-On Leader of Community

Jimmy and Roselyn Carter with Community Crew on Habitat for Humanity Project

Mixing Mental & Manual Labor

Transitions from Industrial to Organic Cities

St. Patrick/St. Brigid Celebration

Home School City Farm Projects

Pictures from “A Golden Thread” by Ken Butti and John Perlin

Blueberry Pancake Moments at Riverwest Cafe Co-op & Fuel Cafe

New! Random Photos

Obama Campaign

New Orleans Renaissance Winter Work Vacations

Green Renaissance Work Vacations

Obama Urban Policy Paper \\

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