Day One of Community Roofing Co-Operative 1974

Here is the first crew of the first day of Community Roofing Co-op during lunch break while on a roof of a barbership a few houses north of Historic Mitchell St. Chuck Paterson, Stephanie Dragovitch, and myself are in front of the iconic “Irv the Workingman’s Friend” clothing store. We were receiving what seemed like a fantastic sum of $8 “per square” of shingles applied, which translated into about $4 per hour for a crew like we were at the time.

Shedd Spring Restoring De Koven Foundation Roof System Around 1982

Here is Shedd Spring waterproofing a porous masonry surface at Racine’s De Koven Foundation, once an Episcopalian College, perhaps the first college of the Northwest Territory, established sometime in the Civil War era. Shedd was the “business mind” and “work horse” of Community Roofing, Inc., from about 1975 to about 2000. He now owns Tarmack Roofing and spends quite a lot of time working with me on projects appropriate for “elder roofers,” i.e. complex leaks and intricate flat decks. He will also be lending a seasoned mind to some of Community Roofing & Restoration’s larger projects.

Cedar Shake Wizzard Tom Grossman on Whitefish Bay Project Early 1980s

This is one of our more spectacular roof as art projects installed by a most gifted “cedar shake man” Tom Grossman, who eventually founded Rover Renovations, now based in the Southwest, USA. We hope Tom, a Vietnam Veteran, may come to Milwaukee to help us install cedar shingles on the Soldiers Home Chapel, if we are so fortunate as to win that contract.

Michael Garrity and Jim Schettl at Gordon Pl. Office in Riverwest

Here are two our the many artist/artisans that have graced Community’s 30 years of historic restoration. They are posing with the magisterial “Making of the English Working Class” as picture prop. Garitty now teaches English literature and “Lord Schettl” has returned to the Beloved. Schettl became an excellent slate and tile roofer, culminating his career as foreman of a Sendek family member tile roof restoration in Shorewood.

Before Photo of Hembrock Family Home on Wahl Avenue

This is one of the more magnificent homes among many such homes we have been blessed with working on. Jeff and Karen Hembrock of Miller Brewery and From Afar have raised their family in this historic home whose roof Community restored, and whose porch ballusters Norman Dunkelberger of Centaur Restoration renewed.

Craig Kvern and Michale Garrity on Lake Michigan Bluff House Roof

Craig Kvern is my sister Jo Ann’s son, raised in Minneapolis, invited to work with “Uncle Jim” at my Father’s funeral. Craig was an excellent shingler, who headed directly to college after a year on the roofs. After time in Guam as a teacher he and his family returned to Minneapolis, where Craig works as a carpenter and property developer.

David Ornstein with new son Eli

Here is proud new poppa David Ornstein with his baby boy Eli at Newberry House around 2001. David learned enough at Community to start his own small company, which primarily worked in Door County. He also learned quite a lot about slate and tile roofs with David North. He is now a Milwaukee fire fighter who still works on some restoration projects with us.

Artist Artisan World Traveler Doug Schall

Doug Schall combined roofing with oil painting and world travelling, across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, during the 1990s. He shares an art studio with the renowned Adolph Rosenblatt, sculpture of the “Oriental Pharmacy” piece that deserves a prominent place somewhere. Doug also has a business selling his spectacular collection of movie posters, most of them from India.

Dan Reith, Kevin Schneider, and Dan Mickelson in Riverwest Office

Dan Reith is a highly talented “metal man,” who has been installing a greater percentage of copper gutters these past few years with great effect. Kevin handled office issues while completing a UWM degree in graphic arts. Dan Mickelson was a very successful contractor with Community Roofing & Restoration.

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