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I am delighted to contribute to advancing the NSSE in Milwaukee, which builds upon Marty Horning et al’s New School for Community Service, which played a major role in my daughter Bridie’s life, as well as other young heroes of mine, who are making a mark!

Here is a letter from the heavy lifter, Dan Velasquez, of this “social learning network” for young and old learners.

Dan Velasquez Foundational Outreach Letter


My name is Dan Velasquez and I am the teacher in charge at New School for Youth Empowerment (NSYE), a small MPS high school that is opening next fall. I am spending this school year developing it. A little background: I worked at New School for Community Service, also a small MPS high school that was around for 22 years in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, that focused on getting students involved in the community through internships and local organizations coming in to advocate for social justice. The school closed this past spring, but our proposal for a new charter (instrumentality charter) was board approved. I am now working on it round the clock to get it set up for next year.

I wanted to reach out in hopes that we could somehow connect and discuss ways we can be involved with each other. The school is grounded on 3 pillars: social justice curriculum, restorative practices, and a senior internship program. There are several routes that a partnership could take: senior internship, volunteer opportunity, work study, and/or workshop visits. NSYE is dedicated to bringing the community into our education program and hope that we can work together in some capacity. I know New School for Community Service has worked with you in the past, so I am hoping we continue a relationship moving forward.

We are currently enrolling for 9th and 10th grade and want to promote the school to youth who want to be heard and have a voice in their education, community, and future. I will attach a link to our open house informational night to get a quick glimpse into what our school is about.

Link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vTYX1XhYSV7Mm-9u15K2SVM37COkrJrriz9Gi4bB3nB5QwdtR4KbCG-nMetJ50tuidJuKMF1EZv-SoN/pub?start=true&loop=true&delayms=30000

For more information, visit our website at http://www5.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/school/nsye/. Please feel free to call me or email me if there is a way we can work together to create some community leaders for the city of Milwaukee and beyond.

Thank you!

Invite Milwaukee Renaissance Heavy Lifters to This Conversation

To: Dan Velasquez,Jamie Fraundorf,Josh Fraundorf,Jesse Blom,Ryan Schone,Erin Dentice,Brian Sales,Dave Laack,Pat Wilborn,Erik Lindberg,Alexander Montezon,Francis Graf,Dennis LUKASZEWSKI,Angela Allen,Eloisa Gomez,Carriere, Michael Carriere,FRED P. BINKOWSKI,Liz Ryan,Dr. Ms. Iqbal Malik,Ken Kenworthy,JD Sawyer,Bohdan Nedilsky,Jay Salinas,Donna Neuwirth,David Boucher,Carl Quindel,John Worm, Sky, D Garnham, Meredith Watts,Joe Cavato,Thomas Coffin,Mark Thomas,Rick Feldman,Jeff Eagan,
Evelyn Terry,Antoine C. Carter,Carol Brill,Doug Booth,Howard Hinterthuer Ken Leinbach
Gretchen Meade Jan Pilarski, Dave Grant, Dave Classen, Steve Goodin, K’uu L. Wamubu,
Bonnie Halverson, Antoine Carter, Alexander Hagler, Craig Machut,Todd Leach, Martha Davis Kipcak, Greg Gruenberg, Emmanuel Pratt, Tim McCollow, Venice Williams, Sharon Adams, Mary Beth Driscoll, Karen Royster, Jackie Boynton, Carl, Roger, and Barbara Quindel, Brad, Cleo, and Ernie Pruitt, August Ball, Janine Arseneau, Kt Rusch, Bill Sell…to be continued

First Responders To Invite

Francis Graf

Muneer Bahauddheen

Ryan Schone

Mark Keane

Bradd Pruit

August M. Ball

December Meetings

​Dear August,

I am very grateful for your colleague who passed along my invite to a conversation with Dan Velasquez about a New School for Student Empowerment. After reviewing the web page of your Cream City Conversation Corps I see great possibilities from such a collaboration.

I hope to introduce Dan to a group of whom i consider heavy lifters of Milwaukee’s old city renaissance, by way of on line conversations and meetings in real places.

This Monday at 9:30 we hope to meet with Todd Leach of the Riverwest Coop Cafe(Fratney & Clarke)

Tuesday 12:30 with Muneer Bahauddeen at Amaranth Bakery 33rd St. and W. Lisbon

Friday 2 pm with Ryan Schone at Journey House/Clark Sq. Seet Garden 21st & W. Scott

Profiles of “Partners” For the Good Cause

Muneer Bahauddeen


Brad Pruit


August M. Ball

I will have paid summer youth (15–18) employment opportunities as well as spring young adult (18–24) opportunities as early as March.


http://www.waee.dreamhosters.com/winter-workshop (Keynote)

https://midwestfishwildlifeconferen2018.sched.com/event/CNz1/plenary-session-awards-presentation-ignite-session (Plenary Session)








Todd Leech


Ryan Schone



Pat Wilborn




Francis Graf


James Godsil



Dee Hock’s chaordic organizing is my recipe.


Here’s a Harvard Business Review study of Josh’s and my experiment with hybrid and networked enterprise experiments.


And web page of the Sweetwater Foundation we helped launch, along with future MacArthur genius winner Emmanuel Pratt.


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