Masks Amok!

Made In Milwaukee Cottage Industry Mask Mobilization Experiment

I have harvested the collective wisdom of my facebook friends and identified a Latino tailor with time spent at School of Art Institute and Milwaukee H.S. of the Arts, a good and decent salt of the earth artist/ecopreneur, who has a team at his recently purchased 2926 W. Forest Home Ave. building, making hundreds of masks of quality adequate for the moment(but in great need of design/production elevation.

I have 2 masks like those pictured for you and yours…more if you wish to buy some from him.

Milwaukee Network To Build Upon Our 1940s Arsenal of Democracy Heritage

I am imagining pulling together linked networks of mask innovators for upgrading safety design, but also designs to inspire our citizens to buy, wear, and properly use.

Partnering With University of Florida Healths department of anesthesiology?

The University of Florida Healths department of anesthesiology has developed 2 prototypes for masks that can be produced in large quantities using materials already found in hospitals and medical facilities.

Halyard H600 fabric that is typically used to wrap surgical instrument trays in medical settings

I hope one of my fb friends will make some calls to local medical facility to ask about availability.

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