Inspire 21st Century Victory Gardens!

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Careers as Garden Coaches and Organic Urban Farmers

“It’s got to be organic,” says big farmer Will,

Growing Power’s Grant Park Harvest Celebration in Downtown Chicago

This has got to be one of my lifetime’s sweetest moments, a harvest celebration at a city farm next to the Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago, with over 100 people representing all of God’s children, mxing the work of harvest with the joy of sharing food fit for the gods, with songs and dancing as well!

Farm Director Erica Allen and Partner Lynn Peemoeller

The Grant Park Growing Power Farm has been created by Erica Allen and her father Will Allen. Lynn Peemoeller, program director
of Sustain, is one of the project’s partners.

Young Man Serving Heavenly Food

Gathering Glorious Greens

What Can Be More Inspiring…

The Means for Life?

And the Joy of…

City Farming Mentor

City Farmer at Dawn of Bright New Career!

Leading City Farmers Robert Pierce and Will Allen

Even though this “folk photographer’s” thumb

 mars this picture,I choose to present it.  

Madison, Wisconsin city farmer Robert Pierce’s
love and respect for mentor
Will Allen is captured in this photo!

Young Women Raking Intensely

Young Men Pausing to Pose

Than Our Beautiful Youth Joyfully Creating…

With Young Elders Joining in the Work…


Harvest Time Work and Play!

Creating Rich Soil for Healthy Futures

To learn more about how this came about, go to Growing Power.

Healthy, tasty locally produced food with reduced carbon imprint and no toxic chemicals

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