Sweet Water Aquaponics Time Shares

“Sweet Water Aquaponic System time shares?” Sweet Water has seven
10,000 gallon fish tanks and plant platforms above ready to offer thoughtful
people training in their tending and short term or long term leasing: families,

 schools, spiritual communities, restaurants, scientist, artists, associations,
 businesses, etc. up for brainstorming

The “leasing” of aquaponics systems may also go hand in hand with the evolution

Sweet “Field Harvesting” or “Profit Centers”

These “fields” might be include hands on training programs in:

  • water chemistry

  • fish health and development, feeding, harvesting, processing, marketing, cooking

  • plant testing, propagation, planting, tending, harvesting, marketing

  • sprouts

  • experiments with alternative lighting systems

  • aquaponics miniature design, development, fabrication, show room modeling, contracting, tech support

  • audio video productions for documentaries and educational packages

  • harnessing the power of the internet to advance the enterprise, enterprise partners, and industry, tied in with IBM Smart Cities support

  • eco-tourism project

  • event construction and orchestration

  • workshop construction and orchestration
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