Foundation Dwellings

Pouring out of hearts

Adult Living Environment

4230 N. Oakland Ave. 414 263–6450 or 414 263 9301

Foundation Dwellings is on the list of recommended housing by the Housing Division of The Behavioral Health Center in Milwaukee County

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Our purpose is to aid and support transitioning adults, and also serve the special needs population. We encourage independence and provide support within a home-styled atmosphere.

We are committed to encouraging and optimizing the value of each occupant within the community.

My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood in safe houses, in quiet gardens. (Isaiah 32:18)

Foundation Dwellings offers Safe, Supportive and Healthy Housing for persons with physical and mental disabilities, veterans, elderly and those who need wheelchair accessible housing.

Individuals have their own bedroom and share bathroom, living room, kitchen and telephone with one or two individuals. Food is furnished.

Wheel Chair Accessible Housing
Special Diet Programs
All Male and Female Housing

Individuals Living in Foundation Dwellings:

  • Must display independent living skills
  • Have a Payee representative, case worker or agency working with the person.
  • Enjoy a shared living environment
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Be free of communicable diseases
  • Have a Day program or job site to go to daily.
  • Be engaged in some structured activity

Dawn Powell, Director of Foundation Housing has provided good housing and healthy food for persons with disabilities for 12 years .

She has referred many occupants to community resources like health care and day programs.

Foundation Dwellings offers individuals an opportunity to live in a warm and caring environment with the freedom to interact in the community on a daily basis.

Foundation Dwellings Calendar of Events

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