Dear Queen Bonoba,

I am having a difficult time separating work from life. I think about my job constantly and have a very hard time getting completely away. Let me know how I can have two separate and fulfilling lives.

Too Much Job

Dear Too Much Job,

Our branch of the primate family remained in the forest while you Homo Sapiens and our cousins and your cousins, the chimpanzees, went out into the savannahs. Some of us found it impossible to ever escape “center of mind” attention to our primary job, i.e. finding food and avoiding predators, summed up as “survival work.”

Others of us seemed able to detach themselves from worry over where the next meal would be found or what predator lurked in the shadows.

The “survival focused” of us tended to become “public” leaders. The “detached” of us tended to be “private” care-providers.

The issues you raise will be with the survival focused ones throughout this mortal journey. But there are many ways to reduce the burdens of survival focus.

A favorite among all of us sentient beings, if not “all of us,” is to merge your life with a honey whose company you often enjoy and with whom you can play, as often as possible.

An “at-home partner,” we all know, raises a world of new issues. More on that another time. If you and your “squeeze” can give one another many of life’s pleasures (and you and I, and our friends, know there are some magnificent pleasures to be had!),
the “new issues” are surely worth exploring.

I like to call this exploration of the deviations from perfection our current evoltionary level finds us experiencing “evolutionary groping.”

I was given this rich and even kind concept by the finest mind the Jesuit order has produced in the past 500 years, Father Teilhard Chardin.

I hope you have a honey with whom you can play, and, in the way that you do, even pray. Prayers, you know, don’t have to be formalized or said out loud. Some of my favorite prayers have happened during my most outrageous dancing and stomping escapades.

Please know that I enjoy private as well as public correspondance, now that the noosphere has given me “voice.”

God bless,

Queen Bonoba

Devestated re Teen Daughter’s Issues

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