Dear Queen Bonoba,

I am a late twenties single female yearning to leave the city I have lived in since I was in undergrad. How can I start this process with my eyes wide open and find a city I will fit in with? How can I get the ball rolling?


Yearning for New City

Dear Yearning,

I have a play date so this comes from the top of my head. If you want my more studied response, please send me another note.

Research and planning are fundamental. So are friends and family and a support community.

I would first consider moving to a city where there are people who will offer you as much support as possible. Relocating is so much easier if you can stay for a while with family or friends, especially ones who hope you will settle and are ready to introduce you to job opportunities and new friendship communnities.

It would be nice if you could visit your prospective cities and check out its “vibrations.”

The weather may also be important. If the climate of your new city is very different from your usual experiences with the weather, perhaps you should check things out when the climate is worse in the new land.

If you are internet empowered, your research is vastly enhanced. Join some on-line communities, neighborhood, job, or “interest” based. If you have no existing connections, this would be a way to find a “pen pal” who might become a friend ready to support your adventure.

Please know that I am available for further conversation.

Good luck and God bless,

Queen Bonoba

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