We have had two major, positive developments in the ROC Wisconsin Campaign in the last couple of days:

1. Governor Evers has reached out to the Joint Finance Committee and has requested that they amend his budget request for Treatment Alternatives and Diversions (TAD). Instead of requesting a $1 million per year increase in TAD, he is now requesting a $4 million per year increase. There is still room to grow, but an additional $3 million will provide treatment alternatives to incarceration for a lot of people. We need to let Governor Evers know that we appreciate that he has heard us. And, we need to tell legislators to keep that increase, and maybe even raise it some more. 

2. The Governor has also, at last, appointed a new Chair for the Parole Commission. And, he has made a very good choice, Mr. John Tate II, of Racine. Our brothers and sisters in the Racine Interfaith Coalition know Mr. Tate (soon to be Chairman Tate) very well. He is someone who shares our hope for reform. We hope to meet with him soon, and we are hopeful that his appointment is very good news for many, many of the 3,000 people in our prison system who have served the time that the judge intended for them many years ago, and who have done all they can to prepare themselves to return to our communities.

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