Feb. 24, 2006

Dear All,

Mary Kamps, who was very important in the movement
To block a warship from berthing at our lakefront
Responded to my introduction of puppeteer Michael Pettit


With a vision of our lakefront graced with a puppet theater.

Here is what Mary has to say:

Your note about Michael Pettit the puppeteer strikes a chord. I’ve been thinking for some time that it would be nice to have more activities for kids out on the beautiful stretch of the lakefront parkland where the USS Des Moines would be resting today, had we all not raised such a ruckus. In
summer, there are kite-flyers out on there, and people pedaling around on bicycle surreys rented from the County. But there should be more entertainments for kids and families there. On a summer day, that place SWARMS with people. It’s one of the most exhilarating spots in the city.

I’ve read about the famous puppet shows in the parks of Paris. Why not on our lakefront this summer—or in other parks, for that matter?”

And Sonya Jongsma Knaus wrote that Michael was featured the MKE Magazine, where she is Assistant Editor.


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