Growing Power on Milwaukee Renaissance

February 4, 2006

Dear Brooke,

Thank you for your receptivity toward setting the stage for
A rendez vous of Mayor Barrett and Will Allen at
The Growing Power City Farm and Fishery at 55th & Silver Spring,
Ideally with the t.v. stations capturing Will and the Mayor
Talking in front of the Tilapia Demonstration Project,
About what it could mean for our fair city,
To develop urban farms and fisheries,
Starting with a focus on tilapia fish farming.

Job and Wealth Growth from Tilapia Fish Farms

Dollars Involved in 30 “Tilapia Systems” of 20,000 Gallons:

$3,600,000 Per Annum from 60 of Pabst #3 Tanks

It takes 2 tanks to make a “Tilapia System.”
The 40,000 gallon tanks would be cut in half.
Sixty of the sixty three 40,000 tanks of building #3
Would yield 30 such systems of 20,000 gallons per system.

This would produce a yearly harvest of 40,000 tilapia,
Or $120,000 of gross revenue per “system.”

Thirty systems = $3,600,000 gross revenue.

Energy System Research and Development

Major Cost of System, Energy to Heat Water, and Experiments
With Solar, Wind, and Anaerobic Digester Based Power

There are a number of professors from MSOE
interested in working with Growing Power
Around experiments in alternative energy sources.

“Farrow, John H.” <>, “Swedish, Michael J” <>, “Damm, Christopher J” <>, “Wrate, Glenn T” <>

David Ciepluch of WE Energies is also interested.

David Ciepluch <>

PabstLocation for Demo Project or Source of Tanks

Michael Mervis and a considerable alliance of
Various Milwaukee grass roots and social enterprise “movements”
Are taking Will’s tilapia farms seriously.

Tilapia Fish Farms at Lula’s African Village at Summerfest and State Fair Park Permanent Exhibit

State Fair has asked Will to create a permanent Growing Power demonstration, including a tilapia fish farm.

Will is talking now with Omar Gagale and Tanya Cromartie Twaddle about including a Tilapia Fish Farm at the anticipated, God willing, Lula’s African Village at Summerfest.

Growing Power, Racial Reconciliation, Community Building, and World Hunger

Will has pioneered the Rainbow Farmers Cooperative and thousands of hours of youth projects of a rainbow nature. The Market Basket Program has great value for providing locally grown, tasty, organic food at modest prices, as well as opportunities for mutual aid among neighbors.

Will will be a featured speaker at a World Conference on Food and Environment this February 23 through March 3. He is touring the country intensely these days and hosting Growing Power training workshops to several hundred people from across North America at the 55th & Silver Spring Grownig Power Farm.


Milwaukee would profit greatly from an even closer collaboration of the Barrett administration with these new Growing Power initiatives.

The projects will be taken far more seriously if the Mayor is seen to consider them worthy of personal examination.

Milwaukee and Growing Power can become symbols of the
New Community Based Food System Movement
In its embryonic but soon to “take off” stage.

There are great sources of revenue for Milwaukee from
Successful Tilapia Fish Farm ventures, including
For local and export market derived money,
As well as training, research and development funds.

There is a great chance that anaerobic digestors,
Of the kind now being installed at Growing Power,
Will transform city wastes into sources of energy,
For fish farms and other basic needs.

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