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Community Healing Garden

Redemption Gardens

Growing Power is happy to serve as a consultant and quality control agency for the creation of “flower explosions” or Community Healing Gardens at city places that need “redemption.”

There are certain lots in Milwaukee, for example, where very bad things happened. At 924 N. 25th St. is a now vacant lot where once were the Oxford Apartments, where unspeakable murders took place.

A Community Healing Garden at such a site would be mid-wife to the rebirth of this specific lot and the surrounding neighborhood.

This crime was so monstrous, that a Healing Garden here would have a salutary effect for the entire city region called Milwaukee.

Community Healing Partners

Growing Power and Neighborhood House of Milwaukee are in conversation about this concept and would like to partner with sponsors such as Church, community, public and private businesses and institutions.

Possible Opportunities

Seasonal Full-time adult coordinator, 3–5 part-time youth gardener trainees

Letters to advance the Community Healing Garden

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