53206 Initiative Job Fair

(For New Job Seekers, Unemployed, Under-employed, Formerly Incarcerated, etc.)

Saturday, April 26th, 2014
8:00 am – 12:30 pm
Way of the Cross Missionary Baptist Church
1401 W. Hadley St. (Enter through Parking Lot)

Click here for for scheduling and more info
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Release of New Study: Privatizing Struggling Schools Doesn’t Pay Off

A new report reveals that legislative moves to convert struggling public schools in Milwaukee into private charters ─ whether for-profit or non-profit ─ may actually damage the academic futures of far too many of the city’s children.

The report, “School Privatization and Online Learning: Assessing Proposals for Improving Education in Milwaukee,” was written by Professor Gordon Lafer in conjunction with the national think tank Economic Policy Institute.

A special briefing on this provocative study will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, April 24, in the ground floor rotunda of Milwaukee City Hall, 200 East Wells Street. We hope you will join Dr. Lafer and public school supporters from the area to hear about the growing private charter industry and its impact on Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) and students.

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Highlights from 2014 so far: The Good News and Pivotal Facts

Thurs. 4/17/14:

1] Students Confront Racism at Harvard:

2] Are there still Voters who need to know which political party hurts the majority of Americans? Show them Gallup’s recent poll:

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Turn out to demand bus user safety and end discrimination at Southridge: April 19th BUSS event

When: April 19, 2014
Where: Southridge, north sidewalk along Edgerton Ave.
Who: BUSS coalition and supporters
Why: Protest discrimination of Southridge on Easter Saturday
Contact: Supervisor Patricia Jursik, 278–4231

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Dept Of Transportation TownHall Meeting Information

WisDOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb is hosting a servies of town hall meetings around the state to hear from community members their perspective on “What does a safe and efficient transportation system mean to you?”. It will be essential to have a great turnout and strong particpation from the disability and aging communities.

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Issue Night: Thursday, April 10th

St. Martin De Porres (Fellowship at 5:30 pm) meeting begins @ 6pm, 3114 N Second Street, Fr. David Preuss

(Please note that Issue Night will be held on the Second Thursday for the month of April)

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Report casts doubts on sports venues’ economic impact claims


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Donna Neuwirth of Wormfarmm Institute At Creative Placemaking Forum

Wednesday April 16th 2:45–6pm
Turner Hall

Please join us for a forum on creative placemaking featuring local and national case studies, hosted by the Great Milwaukee Committee, in partnership with Creative Alliance Milwaukee and the Mandel Group, Inc. This event is free, but requires registration.

Program: 2:45pm-6pm
Networking/Reception: 6pm-7pm

Featured speakers include:
-Omar Blaik, U3 Advisors
-Alice Carle, Kresge Foundation
-Lyz Crane, ArtPlace American
-Kimberly Driggins, District of Columbia Office of Planning
-Michael Fleming, St.Clair Superior Development Corporation
-Ellen Gilligan, Greater Milwaukee Foundation
-Marilyn Higgins, SALT Distict Syracuse- New York
-Neil Hoffman, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
-Darryl Johnson, Riverworks
-Dasha Kelly, Still Water Collective
-Barry Mandel, Mandel Group
-Michael Murphy, Milwaukee Common Council
-Polly Morris, Milwaukee Arts Board
-Donna Neuwirth, Wormfarm Institute

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Want To Explore The Concept “Metabolic Rift?”

Metabolic rift is a shorthand expression introduced by John Bellamy Foster to refer to Karl Marx’s notion of the “irreparable rift in the interdependent process of social metabolism,”[1]—Marx’s key conception of ecological crisis tendencies under capitalism. Marx theorized a rupture in the metabolic interaction between humanity and the rest of nature emanating from capitalist production and the growing division between town and country. This concept has been widely used in recent years in various environmental discussions, particularly on the left.

The concept of a metabolic rift, according to Foster, is the development of Marx’s earlier work in the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts on species-being and the relationship between humans and nature. Metabolism is Marx’s “mature analysis of the alienation of nature,”[2] and presents “a more solid—and scientific—way in which to depict the complex, dynamic interchange between human beings and nature, resulting from human labor.”[3]

As opposed to those who have attributed to Marx a disregard for nature and responsibility for the environmental problems of the Soviet Union and other purportedly communist states, Foster sees in the theory of metabolic rift evidence of Marx’s ecological perspective. The theory of metabolic rift “enable[ed] [Marx] to develop a critique of environmental degradation that anticipated much of present-day ecological thought,”[4] including questions of sustainability.


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You Can Still Be Part of the Wave of Emails to Congress

This month, representatives of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and public transit systems from across the nation converged on Capitol Hill to discuss the need for more investment in public transportation infrastructure.

It was exciting to see so many members of Congress not only receptive to our message but enthusiastic about championing public transportation in Washington. But their message back to us was clear—the rest of Congress needs to hear from YOU, the voters, if we are going to effect real change.

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Ford Ad Celebrates Urban Ag & Composting

Cleverly Trashes Cadillac

Check out this video on YouTube:


Pratt Response:

Godsil and I had started talking to Toyota last year about something very similar and more indepth but it fell thru cause of some corporate restructuring.

Hyundai also been tip toeing on the issue. http://inhabitat.com/hyundai-unveils-worlds-first-aquaponics-farm-powered-by-a-fuel-cell-car/

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77,000 Wisconsinites Get Kicked Off BadgerCare

By Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Next week Monday, 77,000 Wisconsinites will be kicked off of BadgerCare. We will be holding two press conferences on Monday to draw attention to them. I hope you can join us

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Voting Rights and the Corporate Mentality

By George F. Sanders

Given (Rev. Jesse) Jackson’s strong appeal (reprinted below), while anti-voting rights groups gain supporters, the real question regarding the growing white anti-vote mania may be the issue’s questionable status with middle-class Blacks.

Particularly in the north, i.e. Milwaukee, the issue, like Black male joblessness, receives scant attention from the middle-class Black community, thus minimum coverage or notice from any media, Black or white.

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Citizen Sensing Homes/Hamlets: Chicago/Milwaukee, North Side/South Side Design Charrettes?

Design Charrette for young and old?

  • marriage of the information and biomimicry ®Evolutions

  • good work/good food/makers/artists movements

These are two Milwaukee homes to be considered for this experiment.

Perhaps not just Milwaukee and Chicago paired, connected experiments, but also Detroit, St. Louis, Columbus, Madison, and other Great Lakes Heartland cities.

North Side Citizen Sensing House and Hamlet

Good Bones House 1.0

The Good Bones Home of the Amaranth Urban Sanctuary

linked with

South Side Citizen Sensing House and Hamlet

Euclid Brisbane House
The Project House of 1,000 Names

Beloved community templates?

What say?

Why not?


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Disaster Distress Helpline Offers Immediate Crisis Counseling

Call 1–800–985–5990 or text “TalkWithUs” to 66746.

Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Helpline immediately connects callers to trained and caring professionals from the closest crisis counseling center in the nationwide network of centers. Helpline staff will provide confidential counseling, referrals, and other needed support services.

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Milwaukee Transit Green Line Eco Tourism Project For Elders Young

Delight in the fun, beauty, and exercise that is yours for $1.10 on Milwaukee transit’s Green Line. Milwaukee eco tourism project will include a Green Line adventure to the delight of resident and visiting elder young relatives.

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Amaranth Urban Sanctuary Good Bones House Project

Whether or not its prokaryotic, some may consider it precariotic. Muneer’s loosely defined Urban Sanctuary of Walnut Hill, home to the Good Bones house, is searching for nuclei with the capacity of sweat equity, thus enabling a flexible, affordable livelihood.

Good Bones House 1.0

G.B. is 1741 N 33rd St. As a foreclosure, it was an easy house for a slumlord to convert to easy income, potentially making our lives miserable since it shares an alley with Amaranth Bakery. Purchased for its transformative potential for the neighborhood and for the person willing to take it on. While it needs kitchen, bath, and HVAC updates, GB will make an easy transition to a place anyone could call home, within the time that summer allots.

The city has agreed to raze the home to the south providing an additional space for growing, greenhouse, etc. A newer 2-car masonry garage is already there, with little need other than gutter clean out, new locks, and facia trim work.

This, like most homes on the west side, has typical annual fixed expenses of less than $500/mo once complete. When one factors the opportunity of a tenant or business paying typical rents of $500, GB provides a near expense-free domicile for those willing to put some time and energy into the bricks and mortar of home and community.

Happy spring and may the elbow grease flow!
Dave Boucher

United Church Of Christ Fellowship Model For Old House Transformations?


Social Learning Networks For Resource Management & Education: A Focus On Old House Transformations

So I and “partners” are exploring a project I hope will share the bounty of
science enhanced, digitally connected urban agriculture in service to the renewal of old American(and perhaps beyond) cities and urban/rural partnerships. I hope you and many others will join in an email brainstorm and wiki open source chronicling, God willing.

There are two old 100+ year old homes under consideration for this experiment. One is in a primarily European American neighborhood in Bay View, Milwaukee.

Euclid Brisbane House

The other in a primarily African American and Hmong neighborhood in Walnut Hill, Milwaukee.

And there is an entire city block of duplexes and an historic Masonic Temple, Mother Clara’s Gingerbread Land, that, God willing, will profit from this brainstorm, and perhaps entwine with this project.

I aspire to engage a local, regional, national, and global “social learning network for resource management and education” in this adventure. Micah’s Lewis and Clarke senior thesis introduced me to this rich guiding, “project algorithm.” I hope the work on theses two homes is complimentary to one another’s transformation. And, open sourcing this experiment, I hope the lessons learned will increase chances for success for other similar efforts like the Gingerbread First Street Renaissance.

At this moment, key to this vision is integrating the followinig:

  • Mitra’s Hole In The Wall Education, with young and old learners


  • some kind of eChoupal digital kiosk resource for the surrounding community’s micro producers


  • hopefully aquaponics demos and urban ag workshops


I am hoping you will consider minimally being “nanosecond patners” to this project. This means that you will remember this email and share the concept with people you think will be interested in becoming a member of the social learning network, old house focus, Spring and Summer 2014.

What say?

Why not?


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I Am Not A Number

View my delusion,
Cycle with my mania,
Come down like a roll a coaster
And feel my depression,
Lock me up.

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Old City Home Transformation Adventures & Artist/Ecopreneur Hero Quests

Lots of groups in Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, and other GLH old industrial cities harvesting not only compostibles but also old buildings and homes for artist/ecopreneur experiments.

Old homes as multi valued fields of adaptation and elevation, as secret openings to deep centers of creativity, among those who design/orchestrate, and those who visit!

At “Gods Hill City Farm” Compost Pile That Magically, and “As If Seized By a Madness,” Grew Into A Sweet Water Universe

The Boucher Amaranth Good Bones Urban Sanctuary House 1.0

Aiming to marry mini farming with digital conferencing, elder hostels,
integrated training and innovation centers for new economies, aquaponics as art, with polyglot, rainbow, urban rural collaborations explored.

Anyone interested in exploring integral urban home transformation and agroecology training and tours?

Worm Mon of The Worm Mon Show: The Play and the Movie

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March 14th Transit Forum Follow-up

Thank you to all who participated in our 3/14 meeting on transportation with guest speaker County Executive Abele and thanks to IndependenceFirst for hosting! The County Executive shared his vision for transportation in Milwaukee County and Wisconsin, and then there was an opportunity for questions - thanks to all who contributed! We followed this with a strategy meeting to discussion areas of shared concern and opportunity.

I have listed below some of the areas where we hope to continue to work together, and in some cases where we will follow up with the County Executive.

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Update on SB565-Mental Health Board Bill

Quick update on SB 565, the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board Bill:

As you know, the bill recently passed the Senate on a 33 - 0 vote. It looks as though Senate Bill 565 is on the proposed calendar for the Assembly this Thursday.

Should you want to contact your Assembly Representative regarding SB565, you can find contact information online at: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/Pages/leg-list.aspx?h=a

If the Bill passes the Assembly, it will then be signed into law by the Governor. The Governor needs to make appointments 60 days after the legislation is signed.

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Riverwest Harambee

Timbuktu Spring Celebration

Gathering for the good times and honoring elders young,
Here and beyond.

Sunday March 16, 3 to 6 p.m.

Please share Riverwest Harambee! elders you wish honored.

Riverwest Harambee Elders Young

Muneer will bring paper for intention/vision scroll making, clay, tools and paint for mosaic tile making… his great spirit and gifts as an artist to guide participants…

Melody Todd often uses a tibetan singing bowl to bring quiet to a room… Maybe, after the last note of music, we could ask her to do that, as a moment of transition from the fullness of words and ideas, to clear the air and to create a quiet space for people to write their ideas/intentions on little scrolls of paper. Then, Muneer and Melody would collect the writings and “Invest them” in paraffin wax to seal the intentions. After that… people would be asked to come to the tile making work area to have at it with the clay. Stay as long as needed to finish their tiles, and leave (or stay for dinner), as they choose.

The heavy lifting Riverwest Harambee Elders Young have stories for all!

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A primer study on Economic Exploitation – Causal Initiatives, Victimization, Market/Media Collaboration

by George F. Sanders

Milwaukee, even with its beautiful Lakefront, now represents among the worst of cities with environments that many young Blacks say they cannot wait to get out of.

The city’s failure to deal with decades of Black male joblessness, segregation, plus claims of innocence about its creation of those environments generate prepared lies about the mayhem that exists.

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12th Annual St Pat & St Brigid


~Community Members~
~Activists~ Artists~ Cultural Creators~
working toward peace, justice and beauty in MKE

Sunday, March 16, 2014, 3–6PM

2 minute soapbox presentations
Demos and performances
projects ~organizations~ visions~ beauty in

Live Music

Community mosaic art project

On site registration

Club Timbuktu
520 E. Center St


$5 suggested donation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - All are welcome!

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What just happened in the state Senate?!

By Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

Republicans realize their ideas won’t win votes, so they’ve decided to rig the game, change the rules and disenfranchise tens of thousands of Wisconsin voters ahead of the next election. On March 12, Republicans used their Senate majority to ram through attacks on our fundamental rights to vote as citizens. By restricting ballot access and implementing new hurdles for citizens to register to vote, Republicans are blatantly trying to limit the electorate and rig elections in a politically-motivated, power-grabbing move.

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Update on SB 565/ AB 718 Milwaukee County Mental Health Board Bill/ reminder of Tuesday 3/11 meeting

Mental Health Task Force Update

We hope to see you at the tomorrow’s meeting of the Milwaukee Mental Health Task Force, Tuesday March 11, from 3 - 5 PM at IndependenceFirst, 540 S. 1st street. Your input is appreciated.

Our agenda will include an update on housing and outreach from Eric Collins and Jim Mathy of Milwaukee County’s Housing Division - you won’t want to miss it! In addition, we have some exciting news to share with you regarding the plans for our 2014 Summit on Recovery which is planned for June 6th. There will also be discussion about the recent state report on plans for implementing Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) as well as a report for the team moving this forward in Milwaukee County.

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Cautiously hopeful

By now, you’ve probably heard: Wisconsin senators from both parties dislike the anti-living wage bill. This is progress for thousands of hard-working Wisconsinites, but it’s not yet a victory.

On Tuesday, March 11, the state senate goes to the floor to vote on a number of controversial bills. Although we are cautiously hopeful that SB626 is not one of them, we will still be going to Madison to watch the procedures in person. RSVP here to join us.

Senators from both parties are unsure about SB626. They recognize that Wisconsin’s working class knows that a vote for SB626 is a vote against local control and against living wages. Join us on Tuesday to bear witness to what may be a contentious session.

Please RSVP and let us know you’ll be there,
Jennifer Epps-Addison Executive Director, Wisconsin Jobs Now

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Wisconsinites: Save the Children

Wisconsin’s public schools are the bedrock of our communities — and right now they’re facing a calculated and well-financed effort to siphon away resources and redirect taxpayer dollars to private voucher and charter schools.

That’s why Wisconsin Jobs Now is joining with Schools & Communities United to speak out in support of Wisconsin’s public schools. Parents, educators and community members have the power to shape the future of public education in our state.

It starts with your voice — can you take this survey to let us know what you think are the biggest challenges facing public education?

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Health Care Enrollment Assistance Event

The March 31st deadline to sign-up for healthcare is approaching fast. Millions of people across the country have sign up for the Affodable Care Act but there are many who still need to sign up. On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin and I will be hosting a Affordable Care Act Enrollment Assistance event at the Wisconsin’s African American Women’s Center (3020 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee) from 5:30p - 7:00pm.

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Mass incarceration and Racial disparity

We welcome the attendance of 11 x 15 committee and all interested people at these two films and discussions events on mass incarceration and racial disparity:

Sunday March 9, 12:45 at First Unitarian, Ogden & Astor Streets, Upper floor Otto Hall: THE HOUSE I LIVE IN - great documentary featuring work of Michelle Alexander and others on drug policy and impact on African Americans and urban neighborhoods.

Sunday March 16th, 12:45 St. Benedict the Moor, 10th & State: two films; BROKEN ON ALL SIDES (on racialization of incarceration in particular) and CONCRETE STEEL & PAINT (more hopeful piece featuring youth and the arts).

Click here for more information
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Airports & Intermodal Hubs As World Universities

The primacy of food and water, and the miracle of the Internet, have inspired an emerging global community of highly linked experiments of enormous possibility. These applied science adventurers and ecopreneurs cross many boundaries in open source initiatives in urban and permaculture agriculture, aquaponics, water management and stewarding, energy innovations, and public health elevation. My experience with aquaponics and urban agriculture since 2005 suggests the possibility of some dramatic breakthroughs, equal to Michelle Obama’s White House Garden and Let’s Move initiative and Will Allen’s MacArthur Genius and Time 100 recognition.

University Of Humanity And Aquaponics As Public Art At World’s Airports.

We now have the capacity to not only provide ping pong tables, wi fi, and other amenities at the world’s airports, but also digital kiosks, simulation galleries, MOOCs, Makers Spaces, and hands-on aquaponics as public art experience.

Aquaponics As Public Art In Airports

Hands On Simulations of Water Cycle


Mitra’s Hole in the Wall Participatory Pedagogy

E-Choupal Digital Kiosks

What say?

Why not?


Emmanuel Pratt’s Response

Given our recent network of partners/collaborators with expertise in kinesthetic structures and interns in industrial design being converted to AQUAPONS, seems like a no brainer.

I’ve looped in Jim Robinett from the Shedd Aquarium into this convo. Also thinking we need to bring in some contacts from the Museum of Science and Industry as well (just need to think through whom from our existing contacts would be the right team).

If not airports, there are a range of other public spaces which would definitely work with the right team assembled.

On a smaller scale and as a more immediate project, an immediate thought is that I’d like to invite the team from Cannon Design and Shedd Aquarium to join in one of the upcoming design crits with IIT regarding our Culture Stand project with the Wormfarm Institute.

Below is a brief on the design/build studio underway this semester with Eva Kulterman’s Architecture design studio at IIT:

An individual’s access to fresh fruits and vegetables is vital to physical health and well-being. Food is an integral part of culture and self-identity. As the issue of food availability becomes more of a national focus, the disparity between affluent and low- income communities is apparent in the availability and variety of fresh produce. Local food based industries promote the productive use of public and private lands to improve access to good nutrition.

This studio is involved in the design and construction of a Roadside Culture Stand in collaboration with the Wormfarm Institute and the Sweet Water Foundation. Culture Stands are architect/artist designed mobile farm stands used to display display and sell fresh local produce produce along with the work of local artists.

As part of the Sweet Water Foundation, the culture stand will vend local produce across a network of sites throughout Chicago and serve as an informational kiosk to attract and direct visitors to other agricultural and cultural attractions. The project will also investigate the collaborative possibilities of utilizing the arts as a marketing vehicle for local farmers’ products

See links below and pics attached of examples of our work over the years exploring aquaponics as public art.

http://www.hydeparkart.org/events/2011-09-01-open-studio-emmanuel-pratt [The MYCELIA Project]

video overview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFNp7la4Jng

http://watershedmke.wordpress.com/about/ (see pics attached)

SWF/4240 Architecture Collaboration for the Design International; The MYCELIA Project (see pic attached and pdf description attached)

Sweet Water Foundation + Kennedy King Washburne Culinary Institute The MYCELIA Project Installation for “Culinology & The Future of Food” event & series (see pic SWF_KKC vertical garden photo)

Sweet Water Foundation partnership with Chicago State University; buildout and transformation of the former shoe warehouse at 9601 S Cottage Grove Ave as continuation of THE MYCELIA PROJECT
(See photos attached and link here http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/April-2013/2013-Green-Awards-Emmanuel-Pratt/) also see https://www.chicagoideas.com/events/280

Sweet Water Foundation “Built for Art” [Extension of The MYCELIA Project] (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.194228790639664.50549.142914895771054&type=3)

Sweet Water Foundation + Growing Networks Aquaponics and Art Installation (http://growingnetworks.weebly.com/)

Sweet Water Foundation Bradley Tech Aquaponics in the Classroom (with art mural) see photo attached

Sweet Water Foundation Aquaponics as Art (http://sweetwaterfoundation.com/aquaponics-as-art/)
Upcoming : Art Residency with Provisions Library (http://provisionslibrary.com/research/residencies/)


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In the Best Interest of the Majority

In Wisconsin, we value the ability of our city, town and county elected officials to determine what’s in the best interests of our communities. Unfortunately, Wisconsin Republicans have lost that value. In this legislative session, local control has been diminished over and over again. They’ll keep going- unless we let them know that enough is enough.

It is absolutely urgent that every single one of us call our state senator AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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Developing a Tribute To Historic Preservation Hero Donna Schlieman

Donna successfully nominated these nine places for historic protection, Donna’s “Babies,” as she warmly referred to them.

Kilbourn/Reservoir Park

  • Avalon Theatre

  • Holy Rosary Church

  • University Club

  • Schlitz Tavern at Humboldt & North

  • First Ward Yard Office at Humboldt & Kane

  • First National Bank at 733–743 N. Water St.

  • Goll House (1550 N. Prospect)

  • Brown Double House (1122–24 N. Astor St).

Three nominations that failed were for the Gordon Park Bath House (torn down), Biltmore Apartments on the Marquette Campus (torn down), and the Blatz Pavilion in Lincoln Park (still stands).

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Grandmothers Beyond Borders presents Ham-BINGO!

February 27th
Come Play With Us! Join Grandmothers Beyond Borders at Hamburger Mary’s for a night of bingo, prizes, and fun.
Dear Ruthie will be hosting the benefit for Grandmothers Beyond Borders and promises an enjoyable evening full of her adult humor.

Thursday February 27, 2014
Hamburger Mary’s
2130 S. Kinnickinnic, Milwaukee, WI 53207
8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

10 games for $10.00

**food and drink available for purchase**

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Arizona’s Right-to-Refuse-Service Agenda is as Wrong as Jim Crow

By Morris Dees

Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

February 25, 2014
As Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer decides this week whether to veto a bill allowing business owners to deny service to LGBT customers because of their own religious beliefs, I’m reminded of an earlier era when a similar form of discrimination was rampant.

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Muneer and Janine Developing Mosaics For Healing/Peace Post

Join In at Amaranth Feb. 25 or March 11, at Amaranth

Come join Muneer and me tomorrow, Feb 25 at 11 AM at Amaranth,
and save the date of Tues March 11 at 11AM at Amaranth,
as we continue the conversation and plans for a Community Mosaic Project
at this year’s St Patrick/StBrigid All City Gathering.

Lots of details to work out, but Muneer is in for bringing supplies and taking the lead in having everyone who’s interested create mosaic tiles for a healing/peace post during our March 16 all city gathering.

The process will begin at Timbuktu, and will include having participants write their hopes, visions, intentions, prayers for Milwaukee (and beyond:) on small strips of ls of paper.

Muneer will roll the papers up into tiny scrolls, seal them in paraffin wax, and install them in a wooden post at a later date. The mosaic tiles will be placed on the four sides of the post, as an organic sculpture and talisman for the community.

The current plan is to have the post installed on the grounds, curbside or corner outside of Club Timbuktu

He agreed to offer open studio time to community members who’d like to work on the project. Dates/times to be determined.

11 AM, Tuesday Feb 25 at Amaranth and
11 AM, Tuesday March 11 at Amaranth

He has such great ideas!

With joy

For inspiration: If you haven’t seen Lily Yeh’s website and trailer (Barefoot Artist) about creating beauty in broken places with mosaic art, take a look. Muneer’s work with community reminds me that we have so many heroes right here (you know, because you are among them!)

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AB 750: anti local living wage law up for vote today.

As many of you know, AB 750 is scheduled for a floor vote in the Assembly today. We just got word that the Senate is considering taking this measure up soon. It’s very critical that we mobilize our members to protect local control and the ability to raise wages at the local level.

Click here for more information
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Thursday, February 20th Issue Night

All Peoples Gathering Lutheran Church

(Fellowship at 5:30 pm) meeting begins @ 6:00 PM, 2600 North 2th Street, Rev. Steve Jerbi

Please contact 414–264–0805 for any questions or concerns

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Office of Sustainability Bottle Biology Tea Time

At last week’s WEI Tea Time, faculty, staff and students assembled their own terraqua units small-scale systems that promote recycling, reusing, composting, and engage in sustainable living. Part of the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability Bottle Biology campaign, the terraqua units are single-bottle systems that contain plant life, water and soil that allow food like lettuce, cabbage, turnips, mustard greens and kale to grow in small, indoor spaces with little maintenance. Learn how to construct your own Bottle Biology system to explore the wonderful world of science and the environment.

Girl Scouts To Sell Bottle Biology Units Or Tomato Seedlings Someday, Along With Their Cookies?

This from Wally Graeber to two girl scout leaders in Madison from whom he had just bought some Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.

“Might you think about handing out seeds in (http://www.bottlebiology.org/) Bottle Biology units or just a packet of mustard, tomato, or lettuce seedlings as a bonus to someone buying your cookies? We can create little packets of seed, soil, sun (desk lamp in their home), and water (from the tap of a veil of a local lake water/snow). The only cost is our time and creativity. I have all the pieces of the plant kit on hand and an happy to donate them to you if interested.”

“This type of healthy food and agriculture project is something I am passionate about and work on daily. I want to share my excitement with you and the people you want to sell to if you would like the same, let me know.”

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Parents and Grandparents Donating Small Aquaponics Demos For Their Childrens’ Schools

Some parents in Chicago have reached out to the Sweet Water Foundation
to partner with their childrens’schools for modestly priced aquaponics
demonstrations for science, math, environmental, and technology classes.

Aquaponics Is a New Literacy

And a path to vital competencies!

Your child or young adult
Will create with teachers and friends,
A small world of life and abundance.

Imagine your child

Learning how to build something
That is teeming with healthy life
That combines to provide sweet teasting food!

Discussing how to translate
Digital designs into tanks for fish,
Platforms for plants, pumps for water flows,
Lighting for photosynthesis,
Designs for real life eco systems!

Food for family and friends!
Experience for deep practical and spiritual learning.

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Black History Month-PDC Events

By Milwaukee Area Technical College

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Christian Fellowship Black History Celebration

Christian Fellowship Community Church
2176 North 39th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208
Rev. Dr. Mary J. Lewis-Jiles, Pastor

Christian Fellowship Black History Committee Presents:
Rev. Dr. Jonathan McPherson, Sr. of Fairfield, Alabama
Date: Saturday, February 22, 2014
Time: 4:00 p.m.

Rev. Dr. Jonathan McPherson is a renowned motivational and powerful speaker for Freedom, Justice, Education and Equality. He was a member of the sixties civil rights movement under the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Just in from DRW: Crucial Mental Health Restructuring Potential

The Senate and Assembly hearing on the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board bill (AB 718/ SB 565) has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 12, 2014, at noon in Madison.

There is also the option to testify via Skype at the Tommy Thomason Center in Milwaukee or you may email your comments to committee members. See details below and attached. I have also attached information about the bill from the Milwaukee Mental Halth Task Force, and a list of committee members. The full bill is online at https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2013/proposals/ab718

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Overcoming Racial Disparities

By RL McNeely, PhD, JD

Attorney McNeely recently retired from his professorship at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Helen Bader School of Social Welfare.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that it might be a good idea to phone and/or email several legislators identified below to indicate your support for the proposed minority impact legislation (http://www.wpr.org/bill-requires-racial-impact-statements-when-new-crimes-penalties-are-created) that has been drafted by Sen. Nikiya Harris and Rep. Sandy Pasch. This proposed legislation would require that any new legislation creating criminal penalties, or any modifications of existing criminal legislation, must be subject to a racial impact investigation in order to make sure that anything new will not have a disparate impact on people of color. Some legislators are arguing that this already exists.

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Thousands eligible for parole trapped in Wisconsin prisons

We Are Making Strides

The WISDOM 11×15 Campaign, after months of inquiry, has finally learned that 2,887 of Wisconsin’s inmates have been in our prisons since before “Truth In Sentencing” was introduced to our state. All of these 2,887 prisoners have been in prison for more than thirteen years. Many have been there for fifteen, twenty, or more years and have done everything possible to comply with the conditions for their release, yet have encountered a system that makes their release impossible. The 2,887 were sentenced to prison at a time when judges trusted the Parole Board to determine when people convicted of crime, after having served a significant amount of time, could safely return to the community.

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Food Security and Safety In China

By David Li, Shanghai Ecopreneur Combining Aquaponics & Makers Movements

From the perspective of Shanghai, food security isn’t much an issue, especially when it comes to the fresh vegetables. There is a national policy called “vegetables basket” mandating every mayor in China has to guarantee 70% of the daily vegetables to be produced with in the city limit. The city track these sagas and published daily wholesales price of over 200 vegetables. This makes interesting urban planning and let us have access to plenty of farmlands at very affordable price with in 30 miles of the city center. In the city, wet markets are in all neighborhoods providing access to fresh vegetables among other at very affordable price.

The well being of the farmers have become the #1 priority of the current national administration as policy on “family farms” have been front and center in the administration’s policy document.

Plus, the food security is also priority #1 in China with over 200 millions still live under the poverty line as less then $1/day defined by UN and the stablization of these groups determine the future of China. One analysis shows the Arab Spring is partially caused by China buying up flour and drive the price up in the international markets and cause food security problem in the already high unemployement regions.

In short, food security is least of our concern when it comes to China in general and Shanghai in particular.

I have given an hour talk on this in Hongkong university Shanghai campus to a group of architects a while ago.


We probably have to emphasize on the food safety and sustainable practices of farming. The WTO entry came with a concession restricting China from making agriculture subsidizes. One of the way for China to get around this is to manipulate the price of chemical materials for chemical fertilizers and pesticide which in term driving down the cost for chemical fertilizers and pesticide. Long term uses of this has its consequence on the productivity of the lands but the restriction on farm subsidizes and artificially low price of chemicals are taking the farming here in a downward spiral. And as the productivity of the lands get worse in China, the greater the needs to buy on international markets. With it’s purchasing power and 1.3 billions people to feed, it would makes this food security problems for everyone around the world.

The question for us in China become how we can push for more sustainable practices while it really cost much more to farm organically in China.

Farm Together Connects Urban and Rural As “Partners”

Farm Together is one of our answers to this. We are connecting urbanites to the farms and farmers around the city and have the concept of “Buying safe and healthy food by square meter.”

Basically, urbanites will pay farmers to farm for them but pay in term of square meters instead of kilogram. This frees up the farmers’ risks in ensuring enough production to sustain their income and shift the risks to the much better off urbanites who can actually get vegetables for less then their yearly Starbucks spending. It also remove the incentives of using chemical fertilizers. And in the same time, we can double farmers’ income.

Any feedback and comments are welcome! Farm Together is still work in progress and we are launching the pilot in March this year.


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by Citizen Action of Wisconsin

This week Dr. Robert Kraig takes the helm of the Podcast while the rest of the panel fly off to California. Brendan Fischer, General Counsel for Center for Media and Democracy, joins Robert to discuss the shocking news that a decision by a Federal judge in the John Doe 2 investigation may usher in a new era of political corruption and legal bribery by invalidating disclosure rules and all limits on campaign contributions.

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Come and Join MICAH For the National Day Of Prayer To End Poverty and Income Inequality

Thursday, February 6th 2014 @1PM
Bethesda Baptist Church 2909 N.20th Street

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity; it is an act of justice” Nelson Mandela

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Is there any way you can justify this action in your heart and soul? Please be sure to forward this information to everyone you know. We all have to make sure that those who ignore the realities of today’s government actually see what is going on: for whom and to whom. Thank you.

“Food Stamp Cuts Target Blue Democratic States”

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New global water center lab replicates and teaches effective water cycle management

Milwaukee, WI, Jan 28, 2014 – Mahattil International has opened NEW Works in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, WI. NEW Works offers hands-on training for all water management professionals. State-of-the-art FESTO lab equipment simulates the complete water cycle, from source to wastewater treatment and all steps in between. An open house is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 10, 2014.

The NEW Works mission is to train professionals, accelerate technology transfer, and transform communities using appropriate technologies for water management. To that end, NEW Works has developed six hands-on and practical learning courses to quickly train water management professionals in the following: Water Purification, Water Supply, Wastewater Transport, Wastewater Treatment, Monitoring & Controlling Operations, and Energy Optimization in Water Treatment Plants.

“For all of the aspirations of incorporating the latest development of water technology it is still essential to have superbly trained talent operating the systems,” stated Dean Amhaus, president & CEO of The Water Council.  “This is where NEW Works comes in as it will be a tremendous resource and asset in meeting this training demand.”

Housed in the Flow Lab on the first floor of the Global Water Center, the lab simulates the entire water cycle with four different stations: Water Purification, Water Supply, Waste Water Transport and Waste Water Treatment. Each area can be used individually or work together as a complete system. The stations can also be leveraged to do applied research like modeling and simulations.

“NEW Works curriculum was designed to quickly equip water management professionals with the skills to function at an advanced level in the water industry,” stated Shajan M. John, President of Mahattil International. John continues, “Our courses address the global shortage of water industry technicians and engineers.” Trainees are equipped with process control and automation field expertise to effectively manage a precious resource - water.

An open house featuring tours, demonstrations, and presentations will be held Monday, Feb. 10, 2014 at the NEW Works facility in the Global Water Center located at 247 Freshwater Way, Milwaukee, WI 53204. Festivities begin at 9:30 a.m. and continue throughout the day. A ribbon-cutting ceremony, presided over by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. with the days’ events concluding with a reception at 5:30 p.m.

Electordialysis (ED) technology has application in the water, food, beverage and many industries. Prof. Dr. Johannes Fritsch, University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten, Germany is scheduled to speak on this topic at the Global Water Center in the morning. Cheese manufacturing companies in the region should find this presentation useful.

NEW Works is an entity of Mahattil International, a global consultancy dedicated to furthering the education and deployment of international business growth practices. NEW Works mission is to train professionals, accelerate technology transfer, and transform communities using appropriate technologies for water management. Both NEW Works and Mahattil International are located in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, WI. For more information visit the website: http://www.mahattil.com/water.html or call (262) 671–4291.

For more information:
Shajan M. John
President NEW Works/Mahattil International Global Water Center
Suite 220, 247 West Freshwater Way Milwaukee, WI 53204
(262) 671–4291

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Rally at Hopkins-Lloyd: Our Schools!! Our Solutions!!

Join us at a rally for Public Community Schools

Thursday, February 6, 4:30–5:30pm at Hopkins-Lloyd Community School

1503 W. Hopkins St. (near Locust St.)

  • Join with parents, students, neighbors, educators and community members in support of public community schools like Hopkins-Lloyd. We want real solutions that work for our kids and strengthen our communities!

Legislators in Madison have been circulating bills that would privatize dozens of schools and bankrupt our school district. These bills are NOT about improving our schools- they’re about taking our schools away form our community and families.

No more private schools with public money!
Sponsored by the Coalition to Stop the MPS Takeover

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Sweet Water Foundation’s Bradley Tech Installation Wins A “Milwaukee Journal” Salutary Clause

A Key Piece Of The Sweet Water Story Previously Submerged, i.e. The Sweet Water Foundation(SWF)

Has now, praise God, seen the light of day!

The Sweet Water Foundation, with accomplishments local, regional,
national, and global—immense,

Won a clause in an enchanting story about the Bradley Tech Sweet Water
Foundation’s Aquaponics Installation and program.

Here’s the Journal story and the sacred clause:


Aquaponics will be “commercially upscaled” in climates like ours, not by large aquaponics farms, but by thousands of school system projects with digitally enhanced, aquaponics demos that elevate STEM training and an ecological sensibility, developing the bench strength for eventual mainstreaming of urban farming among the citizens.

Here are some links to a myriad of beyond Milwaukee tributes to the Great Work, in the
Thomas Berry sense, of the Sweet Water Foundation(SWF) “partners” across the planet,
led by Milwaukee’s Jesse Blom and Chicago’s Emmanuel Pratt.

Chicago Magazine: How to Turn a Vacant Building into an Urban Farm:

Complex TV: Toyota Avalon Bold Moves TV Series

PBS Growing a Greener World: Aquaponics and Mushroom Growing:

NBC Nightly News: Greener Planet Showcase Series

SWF AQUAPONS Digital Badge-Based Program (supported by MacArthur Foundation,Mozilla Foundation, Gates Foundation, and Clinton Global Initiative)


Photo Gallery of examples of some of the ongoing projects:
Sweet Water Foundation Global “Partners”


On this page…

Globally Brainstorming Digitally Enhanced Agroecology Eco Tourism Badge Program
Advancing Global Ecological Collaborative Innovation Networks(COINs)
North America
Jesuit School Experiments

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Genocide: USA 1865 to Present
By Patricia Obletz
© 2014 Patricia Obletz
16×12 mixed media & oil pastels on paper
Please Note: Stapled to this artwork are the cover of and Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Constitution, which abolished slavery http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_the_United_States and involuntary servitude http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Involuntary_servitude, except as punishment for a crime http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penal_labor_in_the_United_States. It was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, by the House on January 31, 1865, and adopted on December 6, 1865. Life since 2007 has inspired the painting. Wikipedia


January 28, 2014: Activist Leon Todd responds to recent research.

Why does Wisconsin send so many black people to jail? Who is to blame: The GMC; the MMAC; Howard Fuller; Black Parents; etc.? Here’s the answer, brought to you by Michael Holzman of Dropout Nation and the BBC:

Many years ago, when I was arranging teacher exchanges between the United States and China, there was what seemed at the time to be an unusual conversation in Milwaukee. We were discussing housing for the teachers who would be coming from China to spend a year in Milwaukee. The folks from the University said that there would be a problem: “You see, in Milwaukee there are White neighborhoods—German, Irish, Jewish—and we have a Black neighborhood, but we don’t have any places for Chinese people to live.” This seemed odd. How could a city that cold be that segregated? I haven’t thought about it much since then, except as a story to tell at dinner parties.

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MV Transportation open houses

By Disability Rights Wisconsin

MV Transportation is holding a series of Open Houses in many locations throughout Milwaukee County to meet with residents and answer questions.

Here is the schedule for the all locations: http://www.goodbeinghere.com/ If you are a transit or paratransit rider, turn out - this is a good chance to learn more about this provider and get your questions answered!

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Minimum Wage Strategy Call

The campaign to increase the minimum wage is really heating up! We want to personally invite you to a special Wisconsin-only call to give updates on the $10.10 minimum wage fight and what the next steps are!

The call will be this Thursday at 6pm. Please join us as long as you can. We have updates from the Legislature, new polling data, debriefing on State of the Union & State of the State, and a plan for where we go from here to promote the $10.10 minimum wage fight!

So please do two thing. Please RSVP using the link below, you’ll receive the call number when you do. And also tell others you think would be interested in a higher minimum wage! This fight is statewide and we need their help!

RSVP: $10.10 Minimum Wage Strategy Call Thursday Jan 30th, 6pm

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What Resources Local Food Movement For Elder Organic Farmers’ Crisis?

Michael Abelman and Eliot Coleman, organic farmers and ecopreneurs of renown, organized an Esalen gathering of organic farmer elders to document their knowledge and advance a national conversation about the fate of their farms upon retirement. Abelman frames the issue as a “national emergency,” given that the average age of farmers is 57 years old and extreme percentages of these elders have no children poised to carry on the family business.

Anyone up for brainstorming with the Esalen and organic farm communities to harvest community food movement resources to address this emergency? I think our work can lead to fruitful collaborations in response to the challenges described below by Norbert Kungl and Mr. Huber:

Norbert Kungl, 58, who farms in Nova Scotia, is concerned about the future of his land, which he says produces enough income for only one family. “I can’t find a cushion,” he said. “What options do I have other than selling to the highest bidder, which I do not want to do? These are questions that I have no answer for.”

Mr. Huber, who owns 25 acres and farms more than 600 acres on the north Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, said, “I think we’re looking at models that don’t work anymore.” “I’m 72. I love what I do,” he said. “Obviously, I can’t keep doing it.” But young people “don’t have the financial resources to make it happen,” he said, with land in his area going for $26,000 an acre. “And they don’t have the knowledge, yet.”


Marrying The Best of Esalen With the Food Sovereignty Community

Many Americans don’t know much about the Esalen Institute, which has made history beyond its role in the human potential, spiritual, and therapy fields these past 50 years. Jeff Kripal’s “Esalen” provides the definitive story at this juncture, and inspires the notion that Esalen can play an important role advancing the food sovereignty movement. Here’s an interview on this book: http://calitreview.com/245/jeffrey-j-kripal-author-of-esalen/

There is a spiritual aspect to farming, in the country or the city. A comfoods conversation about this would respond to Thomas Berry’s call for a re-visioning of the Universe Story in the light of scientific breakthroughs and deeper metaphysical comprehensions afforded by our increased access to the wisdom traditions of first nation Americans and religions beyond the West.

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Showdown for Fair Pay

In December, Milwaukee County Supervisors on the Finance, Personnel, and Audit Committee delayed moving forward on the living wage ordinance. Thrusday, they’ll be back in session and it’s up to us to make sure the ordinance makes it to the next step.

Send a letter to your supervisor: Tell them it’s time to pass the living wage

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State of the State

Tonight Governor Walker will paint a rosy picture of the State of the State. What he’ll surely fairly fail to mention is that income inequality has measurably grown since he came into office. We feel that to look honestly at the State of the State, you have to compare Wisconsin to other states like, say, Minnesota.

Check out our 2 minute video showing how, compared to Minnesota, we have fewer jobs, more inequality and a slower economy! And if you like the video, can you share it on Facebook?

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Global Collaboration Experiment For Smart Agroecology Culture Wagons

We are working with local artists, farmers, and knowledge workers to provide mobile schools, workshops, demonstration stations, and evocative artistic expression for gathering neighbors becoming friends, buying and selling local food and art, and self empowering through digital resources the wagons will provide.

This project is directed by the Worm Farm Institute and includes engineers
from Milwaukee School of Engineeres and Illinois Institute of Technology.

More at Culture Wagon Movement Industry

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Ending the 'school-to-prison pipeline'

By Morris Dees Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

Finally, our politicians are waking up to the fact that our children need a helping hand, not a pair of handcuffs.

They’ve recognized the devastating consequences of the lunacy that has gripped our schools: the idea that children should be tossed out of school and, quite often, into jail for typical adolescent misbehavior.

I’m talking about the “zero tolerance” policies that have been in vogue for the past two decades as schools sought to “get tough” on kids.

This week, the Obama administration announced new guidelines that aim to stop this “school-to-prison pipeline” – one that ruins the lives of thousands of children who do little more than act up in school.

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Brush-up on ACA in 2014

by Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Obamacare is on a roll!

All you have to do is participate in a 15 minute Webinar presentation and a 15 minute Q & A session to be in the know.

Who: Kevin Kane, Lead Organizer at Citizen Action of Wisconsin
When: January 9, 2014, 7:00–7:30 pm
What you’ll need: a computer with Internet connections and/or a phone. If your computer has built-in speakers, you can use them to hear the presentation. If you don’t have speakers, you can hear the audio by calling the phone number provided in the confirmation email you will receive.

Interested in hearing more about health reform in 2014? Where it’s going, how far it’s come? Be sure to RSVP to here to receive the link/number

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Milwaukee native offers educational summer expeditions for youth

Summer 2014

Micah Leinbach, a Milwaukee resident involved with environmental issues still known for “saving the worms” by moving them into Sweetwater’s big compost heap on a subzero New Year’s has started a small business running expeditions for kids over the summers. Crystalaire Adventures offers trips for kids ages 8 - 14, in addition to contracting their tripping services to non-profits, youth groups, or other organizations.

“A lot of outdoor adventure and leadership is still in the past,” according to Leinbach, who tries to encourage his industry to become more inclusive and cross cultural. “We try to teach a lot of the leadership skills we know we need in today’s world: collaboration, cross-cultural competency, inclusion, and an awareness of the environments that surround us.”

Rather than a vacation, Leinbach believes his trips offer critical skills today’s youth don’t have access to. “I’m a child of the 21st century - I love technology,” he admits. “But helping people unplug, spend some quality time with human beings face to face, is so important. We think we can help make the world better by giving people the skills they need to live and work together.” The program is, in part, his response to a digital world that he appreciates, but finds increasingly pervasive. “I’m on my computer all the time, and I love the access to the world it gives me. But all the time is too much time.” Crystalaire Adventures run for 2 to 3 weeks in wilderness settings, giving small groups plenty of time to spend time together. Participants learn to navigate dense forests, cook nutritious meals from simply and cheap ingredients, pitch tents, and travel safely over rivers and through forests.

In between the daily chores of traveling and living out-of-doors participants engage in discussions on leadership or guides give workshops on leadership skills. “We’re not really trying to help people get away from it all,” Leinbach explains, “we want them to get ready for it all. We’re teaching life skills: responsibility, judgment, decision making. Cooking.” He laughs: “Today’s kids really need to learn cooking. I’ve had a lot of burned mac’n’cheese out there. The restaurant industry will be suffering if we don’t get people on that track.”

While Micah is constantly emphasizing that fun is at the core of the Crystalaire idea (“if you’re not having fun, you aren’t learning” is a mantra he repeats to his staff) there is a serious dimension to his work. While similar programs fly kids out to Alaska, Patagonia, or other countries, he wants his campers to gain an appreciation for their own region. He spends most of the summer in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and has seen first hand the places threatened by expansions of mining projects, logging, or other industries. “Look, the need for jobs is very real in the places we go. They need economic support. We can either let industry do that, or we can show that our environments can have a very different kind of value. We show people that - and we show that small, local business has a place in local environments too. A healthy one.” He goes on to discuss the importance of kids who, as they reach adulthood, are already equipped with the social awareness and leadership skills to make a difference in the world. “Lots of people see it. This is a big time for the planet, on issues from climate change to inequality to increasing interactions between people of different cultures. We want to play our part in addressing that.”

Openings are available on all trips this summer, including a 3-week leadership program called “The Cojourn.” Other trips are going to Isle Royale National Park, the South Manitou Islands, and Ontario. Micah, a Milwaukee native, is happy to help residents of this city find the easiest way to make the 8 hour trip to Frankfort, MI, where he runs his base camp.

Crystalaire Adventures has also established a scholarship program for kids whose families lack the means to afford a trip themselves. If you or an organization you work with wish to sponsor a kid on a trip contact Micah at micah@crystalaireadventures.com. You can sponsor a kid from your neighborhood, or work with us to serve one of Michigan’s many kids in need.

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You are cordially invited to Ezekiel Hope Community Development Open House!

Saturday, January 18th, 2014: 10am - 2pm

5053 N 83rd

Click here for more info
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Highlights from 2013 so far: The Good News

Tues., Dec. 24, 2013: Getting the economy working for working people.

Tues. 12/3/13: Another sign of sanity.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.

St. Martin De Porres Catholic Church 128 West Burleigh Street

Tickets will be $15.00 per person and can be purchased at the MICAH’s OFFICE 1927 N. 4th Street Mon-Fri 9–1 pm

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ~

For information please call the MICAH office at (414) 264–0805

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Defeat the Murphy Bill (H.R. 3717)

See below for an update from the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law. It includes information about a new bill (HR 3717) authored by Rep. Tim Murphy which Bazleon indicates would “eliminate critical legal representation for individuals with psychiatric disabilities, strip their privacy rights, and redirect federal funds from low-cost, innovative community services for high-cost, involuntary services that are ineffective, including involuntary outpatient commitment.” This would result in major reductions to community mental health services and advocacy services in Wisconsin. See below for links to additional information.

Click here for the Bazelon article

Click here for the full article
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Urban Agriculture Olympic Competition For Our Schools?

Is there any reason not to advance the vision of “urban agriculture Olympics” for our schools? In the Great Lakes Heartland two top public schools in Chicago and Milwaukee began a friendly competition in aquaponics. Does it not make sense to imagine competitions regarding vemiculture, bees, fruit trees, raised beds, hoop houses? And why not embed some of the competitions into artistic and digital expression and resourcing of these areas?

Urban Permaculture Olympics?

Or begin a conversation identifying critical elements of urban permaculture advance and support friendly competitions around this more expanded framework?

Suporting Premises for Aquaponics Olympics

(l) Aquaponics is a pathway to skill sets and a sensibility critical to our adaptation to global warming, food insecurity, and the gales of creative destruction that are fundamental to the global capitalist economy.

(2) The diffusion of aquaponics art, science, and technology will be accelerated by focusing on digitally linked, small demos in our schools.

(3) This school initiative will be accelerated by providing recognition

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